21 thoughts on “From Blue”

  1. I like how the story unfolds as you read it and how the perspective shifts with every paragraph,not in a jarring way but smoothly like peeling off one layer to reveal another that gives mo really insight.
    Lovely work Favour.
    Keep it up

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  2. “For the both of us”

    Wow! Only a hopeless romantic says these kind of things. Things like “I just want you to be happy” even when the happiness you imagine doesn’t have them as figures in its portrait. But isn’t that what genuine love is – giving and giving until you run dry even when your love giving is unrequited. Oh! How about when it becomes unacceptable? Yet, you’re never able to stop giving. And that’s the TRAP. 😔

    Then the Holy Book you consult each day says love is unconditional so the strength of giving without receiving doesn’t fail – even when you fail. That must be the source of such nerve to say “For the both of us”.

    Dear writer, this letter is beautiful and warm. I imagined it handwritten and it felt like the type I’ll preserve as a monument of love in my lifetime. ❤️

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