Dried Ink

I Wish I Was Nigerian

I wish I was Nigerian;

the kind that doesn’t have to break the bank to get into classrooms

the kind that dares to think outside the box, without the ‘system’ locking her ideas in a cage

the kind that is not crippled with thoughts of being raped or used for blood money because the devil doesn’t walk the streets anymore


I wish I was Nigerian;

the kind that watches the local news without anger and bitterness in her heart

the kind that sees politicians without a desire to bury them in stones

the kind that is not stripped at foreign airports because of the country on her passport

the kind that can look at her fatherland without tears in her eyes


I wish I was Nigerian;

the kind whose evening melody is the joyful laughter of children, not the wailing of mothers whose treasures were snatched by Boko Haram

the kind whose taxes don’t enlarge pot bellies but build roads and save lives

the kind that doesn’t battle headaches from the constant rumbling of generators late at night


I wish I was Nigerian;

the kind whose fatherland is not a ticking time bomb

the kind that isn’t burdened with grief or regret for being born here

the kind that looks to the future with hope and belief in a brighter tomorrow


I wish I was Nigerian;

the kind that I see in my dreams

55 thoughts on “I Wish I Was Nigerian”

  1. Amazing read, as always!!

    A deep, longing prayer in your heart and in the hearts of a million other Nigerians!

    Thank you for putting them into such beautiful, heartfelt and skillful writing!
    And may your prayers be answered.

    Well-done sis!πŸ‘

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    1. I really love your write-ups
      May God turn our darkness to Light
      May we take responsibility for the changes we desire as a nation
      May the evil men derailing our great nation be judged by God Himself.
      May we enjoy Peace and Order again as a nation
      God Bless Nigeria
      I love you.
      Thanks for this inspired thoughts shared.

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  2. Good morning Favour! Thank you for writing this. It’s a really beautiful, well thought out and well executed piece,I really wish I was Nigerian! πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

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    1. I love it …this should be required reading for every Nigerian….apt… revelant and the right balance of where we are and where we want to be . Well-done

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