Dried Ink

Writer’s Block

One too many voices, one too many words

One too many feelings, one too many thoughts

Clouded I be, but longing to see

Hopeful for light, yet darkness loves me


An avalanche of clues, but still so lost

Guided by shadows to nothing at all

Empty excitement, showers of dust

I pray for air, but still..no words

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Sometimes, blank and no words to use or write, write sometimes and feel like, its a bad write up, and you read sometimes and ask yourself where they got the brain from, uuuh!

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  2. I’m all too familiar with the writer’s block, so I’m always amazed when a person can effortlessly articulate words beautifully. Nice article.

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  3. Hi favour, I was at ppf teens summer camp out when you launched your book then; I didn’t have the chance to get it then, but this beautiful piece would make me want it even more… kelp it up

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