Dried Ink

In This Season

I pray for you. I pray for her. I pray for him. 

I hope you see that you are truly loved and allow your heart be filled with love and joy. I pray you stand up with your shoulders high and see that you are brilliant.

I hope the pain in your heart dissolves like the darkness at sunrise and you face your fears without trembling, knowing that they have no hold over you. I pray you look at your hands and bless them for how hard they have worked and how many battles they have won.

I pray you look in the mirror and smile warmly at yourself. 

For you are here, now. Present.

And that’s all that matters.

I pray you are kinder to your dreams and more gentle with your spirit, for only you knows the world of possibilities that live within you. 

I pray you forgive yourself for all the battles you didn’t win and learn to pick yourself up again, cradle your broken heart and allow your wounds heal.

But most importantly, I pray, I really pray, that you look to the future with hope and warmth in your heart. For the past is where it should be; Behind you.

And what lies ahead is bright and beautiful.

Just like you.

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