Lost Letters

When This Is Over

Every night, before I go to sleep, I wonder; If tomorrow was my first day after this lock down, what would it be like?

Would I book the first flight out of here, hungry to see the wonders of the world and all the adventures that I had put off till ‘later’?

Would I plan a grand day with friends in the bid to fill my lungs with laughter and surround my heart with bliss?

Would I pick up the phone and ask to see the one who could’ve been my lover if I had given us a chance?

Would I pull everyone I meet into a tight hug, desperate to make up for the time that we were apart and feel the warmth of relief that radiates from their arms?

Or would it be a simple day filled with me savouring the mundane things; the chirp of the birds, the crack in the sidewalk, and the smell of freshly cut grass?

Which would it be?

With these thoughts running through my mind, and with the glimmer of hope that that first day holds, I am able to fall asleep, ready to face another day locked up in quarantine.

8 thoughts on “When This Is Over”

  1. The hope I feel just reading this is amazing!
    Always been in love with your work. So deep, yet so light at heart ❤️


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