Dried Ink, Lost Letters

Back Bone

We all get to a point where our feet beg us to stop running, our hearts pound loudly against our chest, stretched from exhaustion. What happens then? Do you push your flayed arms and buckled knees, willing them to keep going despite how they bleed?

Wouldn’t life be better if we just learned to rest?

I remember how whenever I got disappointing news, it would rock me so hard. I would hold on to the hurt and make that my identity. But these days, I take such news pretty well, possibly because I’ve come to realize that I’m not alone, and the people in my life will always be cheering me on no matter what.

Learning to lean on others can be terrifying, especially when you have only known isolation and built self-dependence as a coping mechanism. Yes, wearing your heart on your sleeves and trusting others can be scary but, it has the power to free you. To know that you do not have to walk through life alone gives strength to your bones. Mountains do not seem as daunting, and the valleys are not as deep.

If you are alone on this journey, I hope you are surrounded by beautiful hearts who will love you completely, hold you up, and speak words of life over you when you are are weak.

And if you are already surrounded by such treasures, I pray you are brave enough to lean on them. I pray you see that you are worthy of love that accepts you and walks the path of healing with you, never letting go of your hand.

With all my heart,
Favour Emma

16 thoughts on “Back Bone”

  1. life is a dilemma of choice,to choose between being independent and leaning,dependence can feel helpless,independence can feel like an unrealistic self sufficiency,may we find balance

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  2. WOW. This part “Learning to lean on others can be terrifying…” was written for me.
    As I grow older, I learn the importance of inter-dependence in your achieving your life goals.
    So this piece resonates with my current stage in life. God bless you Fave

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