Lost Letters

From Mirror

Dear You,

Forgive me for the moments when I doubted your magic, when I let the lies of the world hang heavy on your ears. Forgive me for when I looked at that young frame yet to be held by puberty and judged it for how awkwardly it stood in the mirror.

On days when you felt unworthy and struggled to find your place in this world, I wish I had wrapped your heart in grace and guarded your soul while you learnt to strengthen your knees.

Now that I am older and grace has found me, I will walk down memory lane and heal every wound I left open for too long.

Young mirror, you are a work of art, every inch of you radiating the genius of Abba. You are a warrior, a wondrous tale of victory. Your weakness makes you unique, not less of you.

On days when you questioned your brilliance, I wish I did not hide your light. Your mind is a glorious wonder, a safe place for your wild dreams. Your creativity is the air this world needs, you are never doing too much.

Do not be ashamed that you feel things deeply. Your love for people is a gushing wind, intense yet healing. When you laugh, your eyes glisten with joy, like dancing in the rain with the ones you love. Your hug feels like a cup of coffee on a cold day, you kiss the earth with your presence. Your heart is tender and kind, do not let this hard world take that from you.

Dear me, I wish you could see how I see you. You are home, where I belong.

All my love,

11 thoughts on “From Mirror”

  1. Thank you So much for this, I pray this always come to my mind, when I’m ashamed of myself.

    NB: You are a blessing no doubt ❤️♥️💕🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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