Dried Ink

Cupid Chronicles

What is love?

Love, in all its wonder, is the one that stays

It is the rain dance during the storm,
the ebb and flow as you shed old skin
It walks through the valleys with you
as a light to your path,
guiding you to a place of redemption

Love is,
the silent comfort of your lover’s presence
the taste of freedom and holiness of union
A dying to self to become one,
the intimacy of trust in its purest form

Love is,
the patient longing for home
the warm hug after a long day
the silent prayers of your mother
and late-night banter with your sister

Love is,
the purity of friendship,
the kept secrets and unbroken promises
the loud cheers and understanding tears
the warmth of food and togetherness

Love, in all its wonder, is the one that stays

13 thoughts on “Cupid Chronicles”

      1. Love in all its wonder is in the one that stays
        It’s in those little and mostly unnoticed gestures,
        It’s in the little inside jokes we tell,
        It’s in the little notes we leave on the fridge,
        It’s in the random texts we send to see if our loved ones are holding up well
        Your writings have inspired me and I hope I get to keep reading beautiful pieces like this ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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