Dried Ink

You Are Your Mother’s Victory Song

You are your mother’s victory song,
A tale of blood and tears
A symphony of the battle scars that adorn her belly

You are your father’s treasure,
A universe of wild beauty
Embodied in flesh and bones

Remember to walk this life loudly,
Your footsteps, an audacious roar
That rumbles in the deepest valleys of fear

Stand boldly in the light,
With your smile as wide as your dreams
And hope like petals at your feet

Embrace your wonder,
Shoulders held high like the morning glory
As you spread your wings and kiss the sun

1 thought on “You Are Your Mother’s Victory Song”

  1. You are your brother’s joy
    An embodiment of the struggles you faced together,
    Yet you came out of those deep pits of sorrow and pain unscathed

    You are your sister’s pride,
    You live the life she looks up to,
    And with each passing day she blesses God for being who you are,

    In every joy and in every sorrow,
    In every laugh and in every tear,
    In every moment of rejection and in all moments of appreciation,
    Just remember that with every phase of hurt, there is always a place of healing
    You are where you are a reason,
    Even though the roads are rough,
    And the pathway to a better future seems oblique,
    Always remember that the beautiful lotus needs the mud to grow


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