Dried Ink


She was all flavors of chocolate

-milk, hazel and dark

She had the stars in her eyes and the universe in her afro

She had the strength of a thousand men resting on her hips

And the sweetness of honey dripping from her lips


She had the eyes of an eagle and the power of a horse

She held a world in her womb and the hope of a thousand tomorrows

She had the laugh of a baby but spoke with audacity, like a Lion’s roar

She had the grace of a gazelle in her stride

And the sturdiness of a soldier in her stance


She was like fire – burning beautifully, smiling and weeping at once

She danced with peace but was ready for battle,

Ready to defend her own

She was the pride and joy of the human race

She was African

69 thoughts on “SHE”

  1. Shishta!!!!! This is beautiful stuff… also, nice strategy of making me think of food in the first few lines… smart. Anyways, keep it up babe. Nice work 👍. Fighting! ! 💪💪


  2. Every sentence was described with so much intensity , this is a beautiful piece.
    I actually read it in less than three minutes lol.
    Nice one !

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  3. I’m not a good poet but this is real good. I advise you selling it heritage bank… I trust it will pay good. Don’t let any one steal it. Cheers bro. Happy new month.

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  4. I’m not a good poet but I can advise you see this to heritage bank… I trust you will make good money don’t let any one steal it….

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