Dried Ink


I can’t kiss you, yet I taste the sweetness of your lips

I can’t touch you, yet I feel the tingle from your fingertips

The thought of you, a curse I have to bear

The lightness of your laughter, I’ll never hear


My world is empty, but you fill every space

Your heart still beats when we embrace

Stars still twinkle when you smile

I’m lost on memory lane, my personal exile


I am awake with darkness between my chest

I stare at the madness, nothing makes sense

I miss your voice, the sounds you make

And your victory dance when you eat cake


I need you, just one more time

To sing our favorite songs at bedtime

I beg you, don’t leave me alone

Trace my tears and come back home


We still have dreams, remember?

To see the world in its wonder

But now, you’re six feet under

And our love song, a broken sonata


-Dedicated to all hearts that have lost

Featured in the Poetry Series “The Mo-u-rning After”

25 thoughts on “BLEEDING SUNSETS”

  1. Shishtaa! !!! This is so beautiful that I read it again just to feel the emotions and let it sink in. Really nice and deep mehn, I love it. Especially the dedication…. 💖💖💖

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