Dried Ink

Boko Boko

Silent hatred echoes

As dreams are destroyed

Bodies dumped on bodies

The foul stench of death

“Boko boko”

Tick tock tick…


Fear is the blanket

Agony is the bed

Laughter turned to screams

Happiness turned sour

“Boko boko”

Tock tick tock…


Safety is history

Hope becomes desolate

Madness reigns in disaster

“Boko boko”

Tick tock tick…


Children carted away

Mothers singing the song

Fathers burdened with grief

“Boko boko”

Tock tick tock…


Evil becomes our pledge

Chaos becomes our anthem

Corruption becomes our oath

Hell becomes our ally

“Boko boko”

Tick tock BOOM


Dedicated to every life lost to Bokoharam

11 thoughts on “Boko Boko”

  1. Very deep, the carted children: boys, brainwashed to be them and girls forced into having unwanted children, come back with them if they survive it, God help Nigeria, God help us

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