Lost Letters

From Moon

Dear You,

The first day I saw you, I felt nothing. Your smile left no floating butterflies and your laughter echoed like an awkward noise. You were nothing to me but another embodiment of life and flesh; another stranger happening to pass by. After that day, you danced into my thoughts like a random glitch in my memory. A year flew and another waltzed by and I thought I had forgotten.

But one day, I found out that I would see you again and my eyes lit up like fireworks. I was so ecstatic that I would re-unite with that stranger after so long. But you were no longer a stranger, only I was. For now you were a shining star and I was forced to watch from the shadows. You armored yourself with bodyguards and the ever-flashing lights of the cameras made you glimmer like purely-refined gold.

We met for a second time and it was an avalanche. Your laugh serenaded my ears and your eyes were intoxicating. You smiled and sang to me and then I fell. I fell for you but you didn’t catch me.  And then, like the wind, you were gone.

Now I am left with half a heart and you don’t even know it. I am overjoyed that I met you and I’ll count the stars until we meet again. But I am terrified that maybe we never will. And it will take an eternity for me to make a third first impression.


                                                                                                                                                                                With love,



12 thoughts on “From Moon”

  1. Another shocker. …interesting. ..you should perform these pieces Favour…they would spring to life beautifully from your lips.think about it

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