Lost Letters

From Prodigal

Dripping with blood, weighed down by my filth

You looked at my crimson robe and smiled

Your body was broken, but your spirit called out to me “child..”


Love so overwhelming

Yet so reassuring

It pours like an avalanche

Yet kisses with feather-like affection


Its sweetness kills my bile

And forces my closed heart open

Wrapping me in its arms and feeling my thorns

It screams with me when I am mute with pain


It cries with me when my tears are done

And balms my wounds and broken bones

Calming my fierce and raging storm

In my broken and stained state, I am still precious


When I sway with guilt

It stays, unwavering

It smiles at me when I scoff with spite

And waits for me when I run back to the darkness


And when I return, undeserving and ashamed

Love places a crown on my head

And carries me to the feet of the One

Who reaches out to me with the hole in His hands


From the road to redemption,



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