Lost Letters

From Noel

Dear You,

Do you remember your first Christmas? How you gazed in awe as beautiful lights illuminated your eyes and brilliant decorations dazzled your world. Do you remember? How you wobbled around as your feet swayed to the love songs written for your Saviour? Do you remember your first Christmas? How you cried for your mother as relatives trooped into your home like the Wise Men to cuddle you in their arms and pull your fat baby cheeks?

Do you remember the Christmases after that? As the years waltzed by did you stop to wonder about the point of Christmas? What was so special about the cries of baby Jesus that pierced the silent nights? Why did His star burn bright in the sky while Mary laid him in the manger? Did the hymns of his birth ring deep in your heart and cause rivers of joy to flow from your eyes? Did the reality of His birth and the freedom that it brings cause you to leap into the light of His love? And today, yet another Christmas day, did you feel the warmth in Mary’s chest as she cradled her baby boy, who was fragile and vulnerable yet the creator of the world?

Let your mind be reminded of the greatest gift to mankind. Let your spirit align with the wonder that is the Messiah. And as you make merry, let your life be a manifestation of His love to the world and call all hearts to recklessly adore Him whose glorious star danced with the moon.

From the echoes of a starry night,


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