Dried Ink


Often times, we lie to ourselves

We find solace in burying our pain deep

We forget that these things buried alive 

Grow roots and feed off our hearts


We convince ourselves that we are okay 

we blind our eyes to our pain

Ignoring the constant jabs and pokes at our wounds,

Constantly salting it


If we must heal, we must face our wounds

Dig deep into the tunnels where they hide 

Into the darkest alleys of our hearts that we never dare to tread

And shake up their roots etched deep in the soil of our soul


We must grip our fears by the neck

Seize their breath, staring deep into the chaos

Till we see the lies dissolve from their tongue

And life escape from their eyes


Even If we fight the dark with tears in our eyes,

We must fight still

For in that moment when our fears are dead,

Only then can we truly be alive

22 thoughts on “ROOTS”

  1. Beautiful piece!! Great job dear 👏🏼 Fear can be crippling like a disease and we definitely have to face it headlong “till life escapes from their eyes” 🙌🏽. Such a powerful piece . I absolutely love it!

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  2. These words don’t just sound captivating,they also ring true.
    Thanks for putting this out there and reminding us to be face our fears.

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  3. To all those who fear has held back from love or breakthrough , remember the only way Out is In! Thank you favour for this purge, Breathe!

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