Dried Ink


At the dead of the night, you listen to my heartbeat,

Dancing to the rhythm of my breath as I sleep

You are so in love with who I am

Because I am your child


You live within me and flourish around me

In my dreams, you are light

Beaming bright, warding off the darkness

You sing me melodies of love laced with promises of peace


You hold my fragile heart tenderly

Serenading my spirit with your glory

You soothe my aching mind and kiss my lips with your Word


You wash me with divine affection and cause my face to shine like the sun

And at the crack of dawn, when I wake

You smile and whisper to me

“It’s another day, beloved. Dominate “

16 thoughts on “LAST NIGHT’S LOVE STORY”

  1. Poetic as always
    The authenticity we’ve come to know and love consistently shines through.
    Keep up the good work Favour!
    Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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