Dried Ink

When It Happens

When the storm rages in my soul

Teach me to sit still at your feet


When my mind wanders on journeys lost

Show me that your love is my compass, pulling me back to you


If tears roll down my cheeks as I walk this path of forgiveness

Help me to see that your love balms my wounds and your peace dries my tears


On days my faith wavers and my spirit loses hope

Remind me that you are my anchor in this maddening world


If my fingers tremble at the weight of responsibility

And my heart doubts that you have called me

Remind me that I am your masterpiece and your heart swells with pride at this creation


And if I ever forget that you love me

Abba, remind me that your heart beats in unison with mine

That I was yours before I sought to belong

And you have my name inscribed in the palm of your hands

24 thoughts on “When It Happens”

  1. Been going through a lot lately, feeling all depressed but this just comforted me by reminding me of his love and plan for my life. It’s easier to let go and let God when you realize that his plans for you are bigger than the best plan you have for your life. He’s love truly is the anchor to our soul.
    Thank you Emma 🤗💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elisa, thank you for sharing this with me. I understand how you feel right now. In case you need someone to talk to, I’m here, please send me a message. God loves you and His plans for you are good. ❤❤


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