Dried Ink

The Dilemma

Sitting on the fence, unsure

To fall back or lean forward

To accept defeat or fight on

To crave winter or the hot sun

To draw blood or heal wounds


I look straight ahead

As I battle the forces at both sides

I shut my eyes, hoping not to be sundered

But I know what I must do;

Lean forward or fall back


But which do I give in to?

Do I stand for war or pledge to peace?

Do I sing the truth or welcome the lies?

Do I dance with fame or walk alone?

Do I believe in love or revere hate?

I open my eyes, trusting in fate


But I am back to the beginning;

Sitting on a fence, unsure

15 thoughts on “The Dilemma”

  1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ’œ
    It’s like The indecisiveness can seem like a sticky patch in time. Making things seem more drawn out, and sometimes dreadful. But, it is better I imagine it both ways, otherwise… there may be another nasty surprise.
    Love your writing ❣

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  2. One thing in life I have wondered how it works is that place of been unsure of what else to do most especially when you have done all you think humanly possible. It’s worse than confusion.
    But in all ABBA promises to speak I pray we hear.

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  3. Lovely!!! I always find myself in this state a lot and usually in the end it still goes back to thinking about it from the beginning some more. I hope we all get clarity on issues we seem unsure of.

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