Dried Ink


Step in
With your heart on your sleeves and
Hope as your compass
Dive in
With your past abandoned on the shore
Dive in
Eagerly, relentlessly
Find higher depths of healing and
Wider paths of peace

Break every fetter of fear
Redemption calls to you
Let the lies dissolve with the sea
As you wash yourself
With the waves of truth,
That you are loved
That you are known
That you are seen

Gather every hurt
Place them at your fingertips
Remind yourself that you deserve to let go
Of the memories that turned sour
And left a bitter aftertaste

Gather all the shame of mistakes made
And place them at your feet
Treat yourself with grace
As you step away from them
For you are human and flawed
But oh, so beautiful in your imperfections

Dive in
Into this sea of healing,

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