Lost Letters


I don’t know who needs to hear this but, breathe. Everything will be okay.

Many times in the past weeks, I caught myself clenching my jaw, my forehead mapped with worry lines as my shoulders tensed with fear. I would go to bed in the early hours of the morning, after burning both sides of the midnight candle and still, my mind would plague me with all the things that I had failed to squeeze into the day. My dreams became a place where my worries found me and I would wake up even more exhausted than I had been when I fell asleep. It felt like for every thing I got done, ten more took its place and at the end of the day, no progress had been made. With how 2020 has been set up, this is probably how most of us feel. We keep juggling so many balls, so worried that they will come tumbling down, hardly ever taking the time to rest, to breathe and remind ourselves that we will be okay.

I know how fast-paced the world can be but I also know that burying your head deep in worry profits little. You are phenomenal but you are also human. Beloved, remember to breathe: unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders. Guard your peace with everything in you. If you barely have your head above waters and the weight of the world seems so heavy on your shoulders, it is okay to reach out to someone that you feel safe with and let them know that you’re struggling to stay afloat. We are not meant to journey through life alone.

I know the world is racing and it seems overwhelming but, you are more than capable to handle this. Your hands are blessed and your feet will only tread the path of victory. You are enveloped in peace and no matter what life throws at you, you will bring every mountain under subjection. Have no fear, the dawn is coming and soon, the sun will shine beautifully on your face. So keep going, don’t give up. You’re almost there.

Remember, beloved: Breathe.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Everything will be okay. You’ll see

With love,
Favour Emma

(Whenever you need a safe space, a form of release, a moment of peace, I hope you return to read this again.)

25 thoughts on “Moment”

  1. Precise, succinct and relieving. One of my little ones read through one of your piece and felt absolutely in love with them, that she requested for more so I had to send her all I have ever received from you. May God prosper this work He has placed in your heart and hands so that humanity will be more blessed by it in Jesus name. Keep up the Good work darling sister.

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  2. Breathe.
    Your hands are blessed and your feet will only walk the paths of victory.

    Flesh and blood did not reveal these words to you Fave!

    So true !
    So apt!
    So timely!
    Lovely piece….

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  3. Thank you for these words Fav, so relatable. Thank you for the reassuring words, it cuts across different challenges and at a time like this, it is truly encouraging. I hope everyone who reads this finds peace, finds joy, can smile again, relax and breathe. It’s truly all going to be okay.

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  4. This is so inspiring and needed at a time like this. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability and helping to encourage us. Gonna share this with a lot of people. Keep up this awesome work! 👍🏽❤️

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  5. Once again, I find myself wishing for the 3 Minute Blog post daily. The gift you have of speaking from a place of youthful innocence yet deep in the vulnerability that comes with a long journey through life is special. So special. Made even more so for the sharing with the world. One day perhaps you will ‘speak’ to us in an audio recording but in the meantime, don’t stop. And thank you.

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