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‘Tis The Season

There are so many people hurting this Christmas. Some have to mark the anniversary of a loved one who passed or, lay one to rest. There are those who are with family and friends yet feel so alone. This year, I knew what it was like to face darkness, the tremors, sleepless nights, empty days and forced smiles. I’ve seen it, I understand and so with all my heart, I pray for you:

I pray that Abba’s light pierces through your darkest days. I pray that you see His love as home; an ointment for your wounds. I pray that even when streets filled with lights and fireworks that dance in the night sky seem distant, you are reminded that Abba’s arms are a safe space, that His voice calls to you tenderly, that His love washes over you, time and time again.

I pray that as He sings your name, your heart listens. I pray these melodies of peace flow through you like the river of life and you find joy in Abba’s undying love for you. And I pray that you see yourself for what you really are: Abba’s display of perfection upon the earth.

So even in this moment, when loneliness tries to tug at the corners of your heart, remember, that you are not alone. Never have been, never will be.

Merry Christmas, beloved. Abba loves you.

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